Bichon Hairstyles

Bichon Grooming in Tampa!

Suzanne Grande NCMG grooming Bichon
Bisou in Show Trim
Dusty in a Hand Scissored Bichon Trim
Watch Dusty get a haircut!
Angel in a Non Traditional Trim with an Asian Flair.
Casper in a Sporting Trim #3. He has short neck hair.
Watch Suzanne complete the short Bichon Trim
Chanel in a #4 Sporting Trim with short neck hair.
Razzle in Show Trim. Groomed by Suzanne, photographed by Lindsey.
Duchess and Bentley in a non traditional trim. This is a #4 bichon trim with a short cheeks and no neck hair.
Razzle in Show trim, groomed by Suzanne. Photographed by Lindsey.
Suzanne Grande NCMG with Rio. This was Rio’s first Puppy trim. At this age we lightly trim the puppy to introduce the puppy to the process.
Dusty in a hand scissored Bichon trim
Misha’s first puppy trim.
Kody is in a short Bichon trim #3 with full neck hair.
Watch me groom a Bichon
Misha Makeover! Misha is hand scissored.
Dusty is Hand Scissored with a European flair.
Bisou and Razzle