Cat Grooming

We offer cat grooming in Tampa! Suzanne Grande NCMG has over 20 years experience specifically in cat grooming. Our salon is kept as quiet as possible with no noisy vacuums and no noisy dryers. Cats are hand dried with warm air.

Cats need grooming for a number of reasons. Allergy, matting, shedding, hairballs, and aging. While I prefer that cats are kept in their natural coat, sometimes people prefer a lion trim.

We can offer regular maintenance bath and blow dry appointments to keep your longhair cat in beautiful condition.

A lion trim on a medium length hair cat. $85
A lion trim with a tightly trimmed mane. $85.
A lion trim with a full mane. $85
A diaper trim , shaving of the belly and under the tail, and a bath $75.
A good bath and brush out. $65
A lion Trim with Socks. $ 85.
Maintenance grooming keeps your long hair cat beautiful $65. for cats in good condition. Recommended once a month.

Cat grooming includes a bath, blow dry, & nails trimmed. Lion trims and diaper trims are available. We do not accept cats with fleas, talk to your vet about flea removal.