Our Favorite Dog Grooming Tools & Products

Click on the name of each product for a link on where to find it.

Soon we will link “How To” videos with instructions for using  many of the tools listed.

The Madan Pin Brush 

This brush is great for all coats, especially if you are trying to grow a long flowing coat.

Wood Pin Brushes

Wood Pin Brushes are great for sensitive dogs!

Artero Soft Slicker Brush

These are great for getting out knots and hitchhikers in the dogs hair!

The Butter comb

These combs are a great investment! You can not maintain a coated dog without one!

IGroom Shampoo and Conditioning Products

These are the products used daily in our salon.

Latex Bands for tying up top knots

Rat Tail Combs

A must if you need to tie up a top knot.

Vetoquinol Ear Cleansing Solution

Using this after every bath or swim will help to prevent ear infections!

Thinning Shears

These will help to gently remove matted hair, and can be used to trim around the eyes.

Slicker Brush

Show Premium Pet Grooming Products

The Best of the Best!

Zymox Products

We use this in the salon for dogs with allergies and sensitive skin !

Heavy Duty Nail Grooming Tool

Diamond Wheel for Dremel

Gives a really smooth finish to the nail, more comfortable for the dog!

Ultra Quiet Nail Filing Tool

Great for dogs sensitive to loud tools.

Stripping Stone

Stripping Knife

Used for Carding a coat

Rubber Finger Covers

Used for removing dead hair on wire coated breeds


Use Bows for special occasions and dress up!

Doodle and Heavy Coated Dog Brush

Great for extra deep thick coats!

Exercise Pen

Great for puppies and seniors

Potty Pads, washable

These are the best, I use these in the salon.

Small dog Tabletop Grooming Table


Used for keeping long ears out of food and wet grass!
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