Coton De Tulear Hairstyle Options

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Lu Lu and Alfie in full coat. Lu Lu has no hair trimmed around the eyes. Alfie has the corners of the eyes trimmed and a lightly trimmed area above the eyes for a natural look.
Lu Lu’s Summer style has the corners of the eyes lightly trimmed, the hair above the eyes lightly trimmed, an “E” puppy cut. The beard is trimmed, but the cheeks blend into the ears, for a feminine look.
Alfie’s puppy look is an “E” puppy cut, the top knot is trimmed, the ears are blended into the beard, and the brow frames the face for a natural look.
Willow is in an “E” Puppy trim, the ears are trimmed a little longer than the beard, the cheeks are trimmed short.
Here Willow has a #3 puppy trim with flared legs, an Asian type mustache, longer hair on the cheeks, and the ears are the same length as the beard.