Hand Stripping in Tampa!

Grande Style Pet Grooming
offers Hand Stripping in Tampa!

Fees usually run about $80. per hour.

Suzanne Grande NCMG does all of the hand stripping work.

Whether you want the coat pulled all the way down,
stripped in sections, or rolled, she has the experience to do it.

We ask that the proper understanding of  stripped coat maintenance be understood by clients using this service.  Stripped coats require precise timing between services needed and proper care of the coat in between services.

Suzanne has stripped top winning Champion dogs in the following breeds:

Our salon currently only handles dogs up to 60 lbs.

  • Giant Schnauzer (Group Winner)
  • Standard Schnauzer
  • German Wire Hair Pointer (BIS)
  • PBGV (BIS)
  • Affenpinscher (Group Winner)
  • Russell Terrier (BIS)

She has stripped Champion dogs in the following breeds:

  • Wire Fox Terrier

Also, pet dogs in the following breeds:

  • Westie
  • Cairn
  • Irish Terrier
  • Border Terrier
  • Min. Schnauzer
  • Norwich Terriers

All of the dogs pictured below are dogs that have been hand stripped by Suzanne.

The first on pictured is the multiple BIS winning German Wirehair Pointer “Tiger”. I completely pulled him down at the end of November from a VERY hairy state with light grey hair growing on the ears and such. He won an Award of Excellence at the AKC National Championship 4 weeks later, and when his coat was in “Full Bloom” in February he won Select Dog at Westminster! I am very proud of this groom.

This win is less than 4 weeks after the stripping.

This photo in at 3 months out in “Full Bloom”.

The next photo is the Giant Schnauzer “Chase”. I show groomed his mother, and started working on him as a young puppy. Chase had a great show career, staying in the top rankings.

The next photo is “Zuke” the PBGV. I was able to work on him many times.
I also worked on his mother and grandmother, who were also top winning Champion show dogs!

This is “Jake” my Standard Schnauzer. I handled him to a 5 point major in one photo, and in the other I am pictured competing with him Hand Stripped at the National Dog Groomers Competition.

Jake was 11 months old in this photo.

This dog is a pet Irish Terrier that I had just finished stripping.