Mixed Breed Hairstyles

We have many styles to choose from for your designer dogs and mixed breeds. 
We only handle dogs under 20 lbs.

Harley is in a #4 Puppy Trim with chin length tapered ears.
Lacey is in a “A” puppy trim with long ears.
Chip is in a “A” puppy trim with very short teddy ears.
Seamus is in an “E” puppy trim with short tapered ears. He keeps his long eyelashes
Amos keeps a natural look, he is lightly trimmed, with the hair shortened around the eyes.
This is a #4 kennel cut with #4 ears, a very short head, with a short teddy face.
A #3 Doodle puppy cut with short tapered ears, a very short chin, short cheeks, and we kept her eyelashes.
A #4 puppy trim with medium short tapered ears.
Denver was clipped with a a #3 blade all over, including the ears. The head and face are trimmed into a cute teddy bear look, and the tail was also trimmed to an easy maintenance length. The curl was added back for a natural appearance.
A puppy trim face with medium length ears.
A Teddy bear look with medium length ears.
A 3″ long puppy look.
A Sheltie mix, lightly trimmed
A #5 Teddy trim with a very short chin and very short ears good for a Poodle mix.
Gracie is in a #4 puppy trim with a short rounded face and medium legnth ears.
A shaggy puppy look with the hair lightly trimmed away from the eyes
A “B” puppy look with short cheeks, tapered ears, long lashes, and a rounded topknot.
A #7 Asian Fusion look with a tied up topknot, no hair trimmed from the eye area, & long ears.
Kona is an elderly Minni Doodle, he has a #4 on the trunk of the body, short scissored legs, Tapered ears, and a cute teddy bear face. His coat is kept short.
Celeste has a very round face with short cheeks, and medium length rounded ears, she keeps her eyelashes.
Mi Mi is in an Asian inspired style, with a tied up top knot, and long ears.
A short #7 puppy look with a Westie face.
A #4 Asian Inspired Teddy Bear look with very short rounded ears.
#4 puppy trims with shorter cheeks and medium short tapered ears.
Puppy’s first trim
Jack and Jill are in a #4 Puppy Trim with medium length rounded faces and medium length ears
An “E” puppy trim with a short rounded mustache, medium short ears.
A #3 puppy trim with medium long ears.