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  • Clearwater, FL

I took my dog here and was blown away with how wonderful this place was. I’ve lived in 3 cities so I have seen every type of groomer around. A friend recommend this place to me and I am so thankful. There is no kennels – the dogs stay in little play pens. There is no big blow dryers that scare my dog to near death. I dropped my dog off at 2:15 and she was back in my car clean with a perfect cut at 3:00. I was mind blown! This place sets the standard for dog grooming

10 hrs ·

I love this place! For anyone that worries about their dogs at the groomers, this is the BEST place ever! My main concern with groomers is their treatment of my pups. Not only is Susanne an extremely considerate and caring pet stylist, the dogs look fantastic! (They look great when she finished with them; I don’t always keep them looking as good.) I am so lucky to have found Grande Style Pet Grooming!

Helena5 star

I show and raise Champion AKC Bichon Frise and Suzanne knows how to do a proper trim and coat care. It is really difficult to find someone that can do this special hand scissored trim. Furthermore she is so much more than a stylist. She offers coat care training / advice and will assist you in getting the products and tools to keep your pet looking like it is ready for the show ring, whether it is a beloved pet or a show dog. Lastly she truly cares about the comfort and happiness of each of her little customers. She will be one of your dog’s best friends for life.

Chelsea 5 star

I brought my sweet Bichon here after several attempts with other groomers. No one was able to execute the cut we kept asking for.
I was immediately impressed with the store upon walking in! It was clean and organized, smelled fresh, and I heard the sounds of happy pups. Suzanne was so great with Luna right off the bat. And we took her home looking like an actual Bichon. I was extremely pleased with the groom – Suzanne is obviously a very talented lady. For the remainder of our time in Florida, Luna and I will be repeat customers!!

Sarah 5 star

What a lovely grooming experience. My Lucy does NOT like the groomers, she has had some bad experiences coupled with separation anxiety. Suzanne not only did a wonderful job grooming her, it was quick and I was able to pick Lucy up right away. Lucy and I both appreciate her not having to stay in a crate all day waiting for a haircut. BONUS I got adorable photos of Lucy when she was done! Poodle Penthouse does grooming right.

Darbra.5 star

Susanne Grande has been grooming my dogs for over 10 years and is excellent. Her calm manner and gentle handling of my dogs makes going to the groomer a treat. And her professionalism in cutting is unequaled in my opinion. I highly recommend her services.

Lorine 5 star

I love Poodle Penthouse! My Maltese always looks beautiful and I think she feels very comfortable with Suzanne. I feel like Bella is so safe and in good hands. The store is so pretty and always immaculate. I also love how Bella’s nails are filed smooth.

Christie 5 star

Suzanne’s love for animals is evident the minuet you meet her! She is so gentile and loving with dogs. Such a wonderful experience for both my Cockapoo and myself!

Aarika 5 star

I take both of my poodles here. She always does such a fantastic job on both of them. Definitely recommend!

Robin 5 star

Suzanne was recommended by a friend for our new poodle puppy. She is so calm, gentle, loving and takes the time to make Bella happy and comfortable. I pick her up and I get a beautiful and happy dog. Win/win. We LOVE Suzanne!

Very happy with our first visit to the shop. The shop is immaculate and Suzzane is very caring with the fur kids. Drove up from Ft Myers area worth every mile. See you in 4 weeks!

Beth Hyde5 star

Suzanne is truly gifted and my two havanese love her. I trust her judgement fully and she has free reign to style them as she sees fit. Well worth the 45 mile round trip every 5 weeks!!

Julia 5 star

Suzanne is the best!!! My dogs love to go there. She is without a doubt the best groomer in town!!! I refer her every opportunity I get!

I have taken my yorkie, Lucky, to Poodle Penthouse since he was born pretty much (about 8 years) and Suzanne does a wonderful job at making him look perfect!! She really cares and Lucky always comes out so happy and wiggily! My mind is always at peace when I leave him because I know he is in great hands with Suzanne!

Ivy 5 star

Suzanne is the best groomer around, bar none. She knows how to do all of the appropriate clips perfectly, and you can tell how much the dogs love her. We get tons of compliments on our Bedlington Terriers’ trim. Highly recommend!

Barbara 5 star

I have been taking my babies there for several years. After trying different groomers, I could not be more satisfied with Suzanne. She is very caring and patient with our little ones. Buff and Vanilla could not look any better leaving there. Thank you!

Jenny 5 star

My 8 lb poodle, gets out of the car with her tail wagging. that’s all I need to say!

Carol 5 star

I’ve been taking my dogs to Suzanne for well over 10 years, and she’s the only one I’d take them to. She’s awesome! She treats my dogs as if they were her own and is very gentle. Her cuts are beautiful.I highly recommend the Poodle Penthouse!

Linda5 star

Poodle Penthouse gets 6 stars! Suzanne is so kind and gentle with the dogs and she is the most trained and talented groomer in all of Florida. NO CAGES people. Our dogs love her! A true treasure!