Sheltie Styles

We prefer to keep Double Coated dogs in the AKC Standard trim, lightly trimmed. But some pet owners do prefer shorter styles. Read this about Post Clipping Alopecia before you decide to cut your dogs hair short.

We are not accepting any new dogs that weigh over 20 lbs.

The video shows a Collie 11 months after shaving, his hair grew back quite well.

Clients who choose to cut their dogs hair short assume all risks of coat damage.

How to brush your Sheltie or Collie
This is the correct trim for these types of dogs.
These dogs look best in full coat, with the ears, feet, and outline trimmed.
This dog was lightly scissored all over, this should not damage the coat.
Before scissoring
After scissoring
A lightly scissored dog, just trimmed up around the edges
This dog has been shaved, and now has coat damage
A lightly scissored Sheltie
Shaved Shelties.