Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso Styles

Whether you want long or short hair for your Shih Tzu or Lhasa Apso, Grande Style Pet Grooming has several cute styles to choose from!

Daily routine to keep your long hair dog tangle free.
Chica is in full coat with no hair trimmed from around the eyes.
Gracie is in a #4 puppy trim with a short rounded face and medium length ears.
Harley is in a #3 Puppy Trim with a medium length face and short ears.
This is a short Asian Fusion Style with #4 ears, a #5 trunk of the body, a #3 top knot, and flared legs.
Sasha is in an Asian Fusion Style with # 10 on the trunk of the body, very full flowing legs, #4 chin and cheeks, and a tied up top knot.
Jack and Jill are in a #4 Puppy Trim with medium length rounded faces and medium length ears
Madison has a medium length beard , bangs, and long ears.
Dixie is in an “A” puppy trim with a medium length face and medium long ears.
Full coat
Daisy is in an “A” Puppy Trim with a medium length beard and ears.