Should Your Groomer Remove Hair From Your Dogs Ears?

Have you ever picked your dog up from the groomer, and looked into the ears only to find that they do not look clean?

Honestly, these concerns cause groomers to do more harm than good to a dogs ears. Groomers often worry that if they don’t clean all of the gunk out of the dogs ears, the client will be upset.

The truth is that healthy ears do not “look” dirty. The black or reddish colored waxy substance in the ears may be a sign of an infection. When the groomer attempts to clean the ear the dogs ears may become irritated, leading the dog to start shaking it’s head.
So, if your pets ears “look” dirty, have your vet take a look and prescribe the proper ear cleansing solution.

Close-up of red allergy dog ear

Have you ever taken your dog to the vet and heard the vet say that your groomer needs to remove the hair from the pets ears?

The practice of plucking the hair from a dog’s ears is a widely debated subject among both vets and groomers.
In my salon, I do not always offer this service. There are some dogs that it is simply cruel to perform this service for. Especially on teething puppies. 

Ear plucking can be beneficial for some dogs, in others it can cause micro trauma to the ear allowing a breeding ground for infection to set in. I will only offer this services on a case by case basis.

Dogs who require occasional plucking, and who develop ear infections afterwards, may need a medication prescribed before the plucking to aid in the prevention of an infection.
If your veterinarian insists that the groomer performs this service, and the groomer disagrees, then simply ask your vet to take care of it.

Healthy ears can have the hair removed, but many specialists conclude that if the ear is healthy, leave it alone.

These are examples of healthy ears, as you can see even with the hair in place the ear is fine.

Has your vet ever stated that your Dog has an ear infection because the groomer must have allowed water to get into the dogs ears?

If your pet develops ear infections after swimming or baths, you can use a good ear wash that helps to dry out the ears after swimming or bathing. I use Vetoquinol on all of the dogs that I wash.

Clean water will not “cause” an infection, but if the ear is already compromised, the moisture and warmth will provide an ideal environment for the quick growth of bacteria and yeast.

Watch this video on correctly using an ear wash!

Proper use of the ear cleansing solution is important. After the bath while the dog is still in the tub , simply fill the ear canals with the solution, allow the dog to shake out the excess, and gently wipe the ears out with cotton squares . This is recommended for healthy ears to keep them healthy.

Never use Q-tips in a dogs ears! Abnormal ears need to be seen by a vet.


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