Tampa Dog Grooming Pricing

Full Groom Spa
for most dogs between 1-20lbs.      $55. & up
for most dogs between 20-30lbs.    $65. & up
for most dogs between 30-40lbs     $75. & up
for most dogs between 40-60lbs.    $85. & up
for most dogs between 60-75lbs.    $95. & up
for Bichon Frise                                 $65.
for Bedlington Terriers.                   $65.
for Cocker Spaniels                           $65.
for Wheaten Terriers                       $85. & up
for Kerry Blue Terriers                    $85.
for Standard Poodles                        $90.-$120.

Bath Spa, no trimming,
for most dogs 1-20lbs.                        $35.
for most dogs 20-30lbs.                      $45
for most dogs between 30-40lbs.     $55
for most dogs between 40-60lbs.     $60
for most dogs between 60-75lbs.     $65.


This service includes a salon bath , Tearless Facial Cleanser, hand dried with warm air, full brush out for untangled coats, 5 minutes shedding hair removal, gentle ear cleansing wash, nails shortened, and anal glands checked and cleaned if needed. I will remove hair away from the opening of the ear canal for better ventilation.


This service includes a Bath Spa, plus a hair cut and style. Bows, bow ties, ties, or bandanas available on request.
Show grooming and Hand Stripping add $80. per hour to price listed.

Furminator and Shedding Coat removal

I do a great job removing loose undercoat, however I do not advertise deshedding or Furminator services, because bathing a shedding breed loosens undercoat. Regardless of how much coat you remove, more keeps on coming. Breeds who go through heavy shedding will be $5-$10. higher in cost during heavy shedding.

Pets must be current on vaccines recommended by your Veterinarian.

I do not offer discounted services.

Hours by appointment only!


Owners may be asked to wait in the salon for pets with Separation Anxiety and Heart Issues.
We currently only handle dogs up to 60lbs.
Plan for each pet to be here for at least 45 min to 3 hours.
If you have more than one pet or a large breed, plan for them to be here for more than 3 hours.
I recommend pets to be professionally groomed at least every 8 weeks.
I do not offer shave down services for dogs with heavily matted hair.
I do not accept pets with heavily matted or tangled hair.
I may refuse service to pets with health or behavioral issues.
I do not perform any service if the dog fights, bites, or struggles. I do not force pets through any service.
I will refuse service to any pet who appears to be neglected, and to pets with ticks.
I do not accept pets with coats that require high powered tools.
Protecting your pet from preventable disease and viruses is the owners responsibility, please follow the AAHA protocol.
Puppies must bring proof of Core Vaccines, and will not be accepted until 16 weeks old, unless you have your vet’s approval.
Florida Law requires pets to be vaccinated for Rabies.
No Shows may not be allowed to make future appointments, unless they offer to pay for the missed appointment.
Clients who arrive late for an appointment, may need to reschedule.
I can not accept females in heat or pregnant dogs (unless within 5 days of due date).
If I see any abnormalities, or if the pet fights or bites, I may not clean the anal glands.
I ask my clients to keep up with their pets dental care, as bad teeth cause undue pain and stress during grooming.
I only offer services to aged pets if they can mentally and physically handle the rigors of grooming.
My salon door is kept locked at all times, only those with an appointment will be buzzed in.
I will not perform any service that causes any pet undue stress ( including toenails), if the pet is stressed, I will stop work and discuss the options with the pets owner.
New clients must provide proof of core vaccinations .
Please only allow your pet to urinate or defecate on the grass or mulch, and pick up after your pet.
I recommend Dog Flu and Bordetella vaccines
Pets must be enter and exit the salon on a leash or in a carrier.

Until further notice, we are only grooming dogs under 60 lbs. I do not offer services for Pit Bulls or Chows, or any mixed breeds resembling Pit Bulls or Chows.
All of my services are based on an hourly rate. The prices listed are an average fee, not an actual quote.
We never use Hi Velocity or cage dryers, this is why we charge more than many other groomers. Our techniques require a lot of time consuming hands on work. The result is a much more relaxed environment and a happier dog!

In keeping with annual cost increases, we will raise our prices by approximately 3% each year on January 1st. The prices listed here are for the year 2019.