Tampa Puppy Grooming Services

Suzanne Grande NCMG grooming a puppy.

Certified Master Groomer

Tampa Puppy Grooming Services are performed by Suzanne Grande NCMG.


We are not accepting any new dogs that will weigh over 20 lbs. at adulthood.

I take a puppy’s first grooming very seriously. Many pet owners have expectations in mind of how they want the puppy to look, but for me, I only want this first year to be about training.

Veterinarians all want one thing, to remove the hair from the ears, in my opinion, the Veterinarian should perform ear hair removal, especially on puppies.

A general rule is for puppies to wait until they are 16 weeks old for the first appointment (after the first 3 series of core vaccines). This appointment should consist of having the face, feet, and tail areas trimmed, the hair on the body tidied up if needed, a bath and blow dry, and the nails trimmed. I will offer services at a younger age with your vets approval.

At 20 & 24 weeks I will repeat the same services, but I prefer not to handle the face too much while a puppy is teething, especially on Poodles.

At 30 weeks I will begin to work with the puppy on learning to stand for longer periods for a proper trim.

During the first year I spend a majority of the grooming session training the puppy. During this time, it is extremely important for the pet owners to properly brush and comb the puppy every day. I will refuse service to any puppy with matted hair. I cannot teach the puppy that I will not hurt it, if I have to hurt it to remove mats, hurt it removing hair from the ears, or hurt it while trying to shave it’s face while it is teething.

Perhaps I am overly cautious with the feelings of these little guys, but it is important to me to do the right thing.

I do not work on puppies that are expecting to be over 20lbs. fully grown.