Terrier Grooming Styles

Tampa’s Terriers love to be groomed at Grande Style!

We are not accepting any new dogs that weigh over 20 lbs.

We groom Terriers in breed profile pet trims, keeping their characteristic look. I no longer offer Hand stripping.

Empress the Cairn Terrier
Empress the Cairn Terrier
Aragorn, Alewyn, and Gandolf. Miniature Schnauzers in AKC breed profile pet trims, see more styles for Schnauzers on my Schnauzer Hairstyle Options Page
Ozzie the Westie in a clippered Pet Trim
Suzanne Grande NCMG grooming a Westie in a clippered trim
Ryley the Welsh Terrier in a clippered pet trim
Rashi the Bedlington Terrier
Zippy the Bedlington Terrier
Buster the clippered Scotty
Mico. I worked on rolling his coat, a lovely Schnauzer.
Titus, a clippered Westie with short furnishings
Sarah the Russell Terrier