Yorkie Hairstyles

At Grande Style Pet Grooming, we specialize in trimming Yorkshire Terriers! From Short easy to care for styles, to Show Coats, to fun Asian Fusion styles, we do them all!

Annie in an Asian Fusion with a Westie Face.
Baily in a #5 Puppy Trim
Carly in a show trim
Haley in full coat with tipped ears.
Dallys in full coat with tipped ears
Lilly & Nuni in long Puppy Trims with medium legnth Beards
Puppies first trims with tipped ears.
Lexie in full coat with long ears
Juicy in an Asian Butterfly Trim
Dinoli in a # 4 Puppy Trim with a Westie Face
Harley is poppin in his # 4 puppy trim
Rookie in an Asian Fusion with fuzzie ears
Remmi in a Westie Trim
Remmi has a Westie Trim, Dallys is in Full Coat with Tipped Ears.
Remmi in an Asian Butterfly Trim
A teddy Bear Trim with soft fuzzy ears.
A puppy trim with a longer beard and tipped ears.
MotoMoto, a Yorkie mix in a cute #7 puppy cut with a Westie face.
Puppy Trim, lightly trimmed all over.
Rookie in an Asion Fusion with short fuzzie ears.
MotoMoto in a Westie Type Puppy Trim
Hadley in a Teddy Bear with Fuzzie short ears.
Kennel cut Trump syle
Gucci in show trim
April in Show Trim
Yorkie Puppy Trim “B”