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Award Winning Groomers

Peace Of Mind! All areas of the Salon are
visible to clients by video monitor at the
front desk. All videos of the days work
are stored for 90 days!

  • Haircut Prices Start At $55.
  • Hours by appointment only!
  • Cage Free “While You Wait Service” Available.
  • State Of The Art Facility
  • Inspections Welcomed.
  • A Relaxing Holistic Approach!
  • A Quiet Calm Atmosphere.
  • Email And Text Appt. Confirmations.
  • Pets Are Dried by hand.
  • No Noisy Tools!
  • Only Custom Made Harnesses used!
  • Beautiful Bows, Bowties, & Bandanas Available!
  • Recommended By Veterinarians & Breeders!
  • On Facebook! 5.0 of 5 stars, 65 reviews
  • Read Our Policies.
  • We Groom Most Breeds!
Tampa's Best Pet Dog Grooming Salon
Grande Style. One of Tampa’s Best Dog Grooming Salons.

We strive to be one of Tampa’s Best Pet Dog Grooming Salons.
The most important goal we have, is to make sure that your pet is safe, comfortable, and relaxed, our salon strives to maintain a calm atmosphere and handle your pet with compassion and fairness.

Furthermore, we understand how important your pet is to you, and we know that when choosing a stylist for your beloved companion, that you have many questions and concerns. Please e-mail or call me with any questions that you may have, or make an appointment to come visit our state of the art Pet Grooming Salon in Tampa.

See some of our work!

  Rusty the Pekingese           Sophie          Lacey                Remmi                     Ga Ga           Lucy               Dixie           Beau           Cody            Rio               Angel               Lucy                   Buxel                   Jazzie                   Ami                                      Raven         Bear                   Gabe                   Madison                    Sophie                Ebony                    Jack & Jill                    Minni Doodle                    Angel                     Simon                    Dalys                  Remmi in a Westie Trim                     Zippy                   LuLu                  Asian Fusion Mustasche                 Carson                Simon                Asante                                                  Suzanne, Ammo, & Vito                Nico                Asante                 Chanel                Simon                Quincy & Gabby              Scout, Simon, & Sparky         Aragorn, Alewyn, Gandolf            Ammo           Bichon       Bella         Itsy         Sunny Sunshine         Ghetti         Amos            Ammo                 Poodle     CoCo                Shih Tzu     CeeZee              Meela                   BB                  Kelson               Kelson        Tiggy                   Henry                       We Love Maltese               Poodle               Ginger        Great Reviews                                   Chloe                Isaac                     Chloe                    Isaac        Isaac                   Ami                   Gracie               Maui                  Maui                       Bisou and Razzle                  Topher                  Chase                 Jason                  Brigette the Cavalier            Kerry Blue Terrier      Kerry Blue Terrier      Kerry Blue Terrier     Jake       Ammo        Bella has a clean face     Romeo and Jemma         Ammo         Yorkie        Cody              Buster           Oscar          Baily          Dinoli         Beau         Hadley          Yorkie puppy          Rookie           Dusty       Chica           Lexie           Shih Tzu          Lhasa Apso          Zeus           Truffles          Mary Grace, Maltese         Shih Tzu       Angel, Bichon        Dusty         Max      Porche and Aston        Razzle      Ozzie the Wesie        Razzle       Tango          BOOK NOW!                    Sasha, Shih Tzu         Zoe       Diva        Dempsey          Harley       "L"          Remmi is in a Westie trim       Angel and Caleb        Lola       Meela and Melana         Amos         Beau the toy Poodle        Yorkie pups        Bisou         Chanel         Cooper      Moto Moto       Rashi   Gracie the Havanese      Lexie         Juicy         Asante         Shih Tzu        Remmi         Tango         Mouse            Charlie            Ghetti          CoCo         Chelzee         Itsey           Harley           Angel                         1-long coat 2-puppy trim
Rusty the Pekingese
in a puppy trim

Meet Our Groomers


Grande Style. One of Tampa's Best Pet Dog Grooming Salons
Suzanne Grande NCMG

Suzanne Grande NCMG

As a National Certified Master Groomer, Suzanne Grande NCMG has proven her skills in pet grooming winning multiple awards at National Dog Groomers assoc. competitions in all breed groups.

Furthermore, Suzanne has been grooming professionally in Tampa for over 30 years, and has owned and operated her salon for over 20 years, to sum up, Suzanne know the needs of Tampa’s dogs.

Mrs. Grande offers Hand Stripping, Hand Scissoring, Show and Pet Grooming.

Suzanne has groomed over 250 Champion dogs, including Westminster and National Championship Winners, and she enjoys training and competing with her Toy Poodles.

As seen in Top Notch Toys Magazine!
National Certified Master Groomer!

Katelyn Grande

Katelyn is a 3rd generation pet groomer! She has grown up in the salon, and is a member of the National Dog Groomers Association of America while working towards her Masters Certification. 

Miss Grande has shown her horses and dogs winning several 1st place awards. 

Spoil Your Dog Today!

If you love to spoil your dog,  you will love having your dog groomed at Grande Style! See our Hairstyle Options, or schedule a time to come in to meet me and bring your pet for a consultation, come see why we are one of Tampa’s best pet grooming salons.

A Calm Atmosphere

The pets are dried by hand with warm air. I do not use noisy Hi Velocity dryers or vacuums, as a result, the pets are far more calm and relaxed!

Cage free While You Wait service is available.

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Our Services

We strive to be Tampa’s best Dog grooming salon.  Services include a salon bath , BlueBerry Facial Cleanser, hand drying with warm air, full brush out for untangled coats, 5 minutes shedding hair removal, gentle ear cleansing wash, nails shortened, and anal glands checked and cleaned if requested. The groomer will remove hair away from the opening of the ear canal for better ventilation.

Our groomers will Groom and Style your pet starting at $55. per dog. Bows, bow ties, or bandanas are available on request . 

Also available are hand stripping, show grooming, and show coat maintenance.

Pets Need Understanding!

We only perform services that a pet can emotionally and physically endure. Puppies, elderly pets,  rescue pets, and certain others will have services adjusted as needed according to their individual personality and level of training.

Consequently,  we understand the special needs of small and medium size dogs. As a toy Poodle owner, Suzanne Grande knows that dogs do not like loud noises so we try to keep the noise level as quiet as possible.

CH IntCH Ziegfeld Harten Rock Me Amadeus


All pets must bring proof of rabies.

Required Vaccines

Pet Grooming Harnesses

Suzanne Grande NCMG designed and uses her Pet Grooming Harnesses to ensure your pets safety!


  • Owners may be asked to wait in the salon for pets with Separation Anxiety and Heart Issues.
  • Plan for each pet to be here for 45 min to 3 hours.
  • If you have more than one pet, plan for them to be here for more than 3 hours.
  • I recommend for pets to be professionally groomed at least every 8 weeks.
  • Our Salon may not accept pets with matted or tangled hair.
  • I may refuse service to pets with health or behavioral issues.
  • Puppies must bring proof of Core Vaccines, and will not be accepted until 16 weeks old, unless you have your vet’s approval.
  • Florida Law requires pets to be vaccinated for Rabies.
  • I can not accept females in heat or pregnant dogs (unless within 5 days of due date).
  • If I see any abnormalities, or if the pet fights or bites, I may not clean the anal glands.
  • I ask my clients to keep up with their pets dental care, as bad teeth cause undue pain and stress during grooming.
  • Our salon  only offers services to aged pets if they can mentally and physically handle the rigors of grooming
  • We will not perform any service that causes any pet undue stress, if the pet is stressed, I will stop work and discuss the options with the pets owner.
  • New clients must provide proof of core vaccinations .
  • I do not offer services for Bully Breeds , Chows, or mixes of these breeds.